Beautiful without you;
Meaningful without you;


Tales of Zestiria Official Character Name Spellings According to Dengeki PlayStation Magazine »

  • Slay -> Sorey
  • Alicia -> Arisha
  • Mikulio -> Mikleo
  • Edna -> Edna
  • Dezel -> Dezel
  • Lyla -> Lailah
  • Zabida -> Zaveid

Thanks to @kincorda for the scans!


New Tales of Xillia 2 English character video - Alvin »

NOTE THAT THERE ARE POSSIBLE TALES OF XILLIA SPOILERS FOR ALVIN’S VIDEO. Watch at your own discretion, or skip to 0:10 to skip the part with the spoiler.



[INSTAGRAM] 140707 Meet Baro,Son Ho Joon&Yoo Yeon Seok at Incheon airport

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couple pic

she knows how to work that pole

photoshoot with sirena