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bazongas 'n butts


Name: Vivian

Feel free to call me by my name and check my About page for more!

btw i'm super friendly so hit me up on skype or here and we can talk about life and stuff

ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ

Mod for TalesFanart with Bella

Tales of Zestiria Might Have A Graces-Like Battle System, Plus More Info On Lyla - Abyssal Chronicles - A Tales of Series Fansite


New Tales of Zestiria Character Revealed - Lyla »

The new character is voiced by Miyu Matsuki and designed by Mutsumi Inomata. She’s the fire Tenzoku and forms a contract with Slay.

 Upcoming Korean MMO “Black Desert” shows incredible level of customization {x}


And they all lived happily ever after~

"Welcome home."
"I'm home, Sister."


VIVA☆Tales of Magazine - May 2014 Issue (Pre-orders here)

Our first glimpse of Mikulio and Edna in ufotable art form!